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Occupy L.A. ends with a whimper

Occupy L.A. ends with a whimper

From PJ Media

When the end finally came, they went with a whimper.

Well, maybe something more than a whimper, but when Los Angeles Police Department officers at long, long last moved to clear the Occupy L.A. encampment that had blighted the landscape around City Hall for two months, they were greeted with catcalls and the usual tired, sophomoric chants — Whose streets?  Our streets!  The whole world is watching! and the rest of the tedious litany — but very little in the way of active resistance.

I was one of about 1,400 LAPD officers who took part in the eviction in the early morning of Dec. 1, playing my small role in a well-planned and well-executed operation that fulfilled both of its intended goals: to end the occupation of the City Hall grounds and to do so without the violence and bad press that had marked similar police operations elsewhere.

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