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Occupy Portland shows its true goal – destruction

Occupy Portland shows its true goal – destruction

From The Mendenlhall

On Monday, December 12th, the Portland, OR faction of the broader Occupy Wall Street Movement decided to “occupy the ports,” unequivocally overstepping the boundary between peaceful protests and acts of aggression against the rights of others. Most of the protests thus far have focused on gathering en masse on public property for the purpose of raising awareness (though raising awareness of what has been a continuous debate both within the Occupy Movement and from third-person perspectives). This is not to condone their treatment public property by other Occupy, let alone their act of occupying it. It does mean, however, that so long as they yield to the rest of the public and allow other citizens to use that property as well, there is little reason to remove them. Arguments could be made, of course, that because the property is owned by the public and serves a certain function, it is regulable by the public. This is true, but not the point here.

From the beginning of the Occupy Movement, there has been a lingering question: exactly what do they stand for? Occupy Wall Street alone is a rather discordant coalition of socialists, libertarians, communists, and anarchists who, until recently, did not appear to have any decisive end goal except “striking a blow for the 99%” while adhering to the fallacious principles of class warfare.

But at last Occupy Portland has offered us a glimpse in the true driving force behind the movement: nihilism. It is, and always has been about the demonization of wealth and the destruction of the self-interested individual. Nominatively, Occupiers claim that the “1%” are not paying their fair share to the “99%,” which demonstrates a variant of the equally irrational doctrine of altruism. Altruism is submission – submission to society, submission to the “common good,” submission of one’s neighbors to oneself, and submission of oneself to one’s neighbors. Value is placed, not in one’s own life as the only legitimate primary value, but in something subsidiary. It rejects the notion of man as a rational being and instead debases him to the status of a compilation of flesh and blood to be sacrificed on whatever savage altar happens to be most preferable to the onlookers.

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